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Process Mineralogy
Process Mineralogy Services are a new addition to our portfolio.
We have developed novel characterization tool using our expertise on classical and automatic mineralogy and in collaboration with external organizations. The mineralogy services include bulk mineralogy by X-ray powder diffraction analysis and optical microscopy, quantitative Sulfide/Iron-Oxide mineralogy by automated mineralogical techniques (MLA, QEMSCAN and Micro-probe) and gold/precise metals deportment study using both classical and automated mineralogical techniques with SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy) and Laser Ablation ICP-MS analysis of invisible gold. We have been very successful in timely delivering the accurate and concise mineralogical reports on gold deportment and other mineralogy studies to our clients.
Recently we have carried out the following mineralogical studies for reputed international clients
1. World class Gold Deportment study using state of the art technology for double refractory and complex Au-Cu Ores;
2. Other Precious Metals (PGM) deportment Study;
3. General Mineralogy (overview) of Sulfides, Iron Oxides, Fe-Ti-V-Oxides, Phosphates, Rare Earths and Uranium samples;
4. Quantitative analysis of Copper-Nickel-Sulfides, Fe-Ti-V-Oxides, Phosphates, Rare Earths and Uranium samples.