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Process Mineralogy
Process Mineralogy key to optimization: Optimizing mineral processing often relies on being able to characterize material at key stages. Traditionally this characterization is limited to elemental chemistry, either on a bulk sample or using micro-analysis to assess the chemical associations. However, the ability to determine mineralogy has been significantly enhanced the measurement not just of chemistry and particle size, but also of structure with high spatial resolution offers better understanding of the mineralogical changes involved in processing, which in turn will lead to improvements in efficiency and recovery.
We offer precise and comprehensive mineralogical services at competitive prices.
To meet the growing demands of Mineral Industries for precise mineralogical information we have developed following services:
General Mineral Scan designed to provide the overview of mineralogical/petrographic information of new samples and problematic products at a cost of $1500 per sample. This study consists of (1) brief petrographic examination, photomicrographs, estimating grain size and abundance, (2) point-counting exercise for sulfides/Fe-Oxide phases, liberation and association data and (3) an XRD examination on the non-opaques. This is not quantitative mineralogy analysis but provides a broad problem-solving assistance for the metallurgists. 
Bulk Mineralogy designed to provide the bulk mineralogical information of silicates, carbonates, sulfides and Fe-Oxide phases, overall liberation characteristics of sulfides and Fe-Oxides of the sample using X-ray Powder Diffraction analysis and Optical Microscopy. This study provides bulk mineralogical information of the sample including the semi-quantitative mineral abundances and liberation. Mineralogy Report includes detailed photomicrographs, XRD spectra and bulk assay. The cost for this analysis is $2500 per sample.
Quantitative Mineral Deportment Analysis designed to provide precise quantitative deportment for Cu-Ni-Sulfide phases, Fe-Ti-V-Oxides, Phosphates, Rare Earths and Uranium using both classical and automated mineral analyzers for metallurgy diagnostics. This study includes modal and liberation analysis in different size fractions and deportment analysis of Cu, Ni, Fe, S, Ti, V, P, REE and U phases and grade recovery curves. Cost based on quotation.
Novel Gold Deportment study designed to provide precise quantification of gold using state of the art technology for double refractory and complex Au-Cu Ores using classical and automated mineralogical techniques. This technique was developed in collaboration with different Universities and Research Institutions. Cost based on quotation.

For Enquiries, please contact:
Dr. Aparup Chattopadhyay – Manager, Process Mineralogy
Tel: +1-905-822-4941, Extn 456 or achattopadhyay@processortech.com
Dr. R. Sridhar – President
Tel: +1-905-822-4941, Ext. 229 or sridhar@processortech.com
Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan - Vice Chairman and CEO
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