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Process Research OrtechProcess Research ORTECH Inc was formed in January 1999 to take over the Process Technologies division of ORTECH Corporation (Formerly Ontario Research Foundation) under the privatization scheme of the Ontario Government. The mandate of this company is to continue the research and development work carried on by this division of ORTECH Corporation for the past 70 years, and to explore innovative solutions in this area to better serve the needs of Canadian industries as well as international companies.
Process Research ORTECH (PRO) is now a privately owned organization serving mining, metallurgical, recycling and chemical industries. Recognizing the need for sustainable development for these industries the company has expanded to offer its clients process technologies for economic advantage, environmental stewardship and societal care. PRO, a world class service facility with its laboratory and pilot plant offers services on:
  • Technology development
  • Technology transfer
  • Pre-commercialization trials
  • Engineering assistance, Market evaluation and development
  • Sustainable development
  • Clean technology
Its internationally recognized technical and business experts with their hands-on industrial and academic experience offer services in product and process development with primary and recyclable materials. Technologies adapted to obtain these solutions include pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy and mineral processing. These solutions address the needs for recycling and environmental issues. The team with its wealth of experience offers innovative and yet practical solutions for its clients’ needs in process development, process compression, evaluation of plant performance, improvement of plant operation and plant modernization.
In addition to developing its own technology, PRO remains connected to the cutting edge of new and innovative technologies which have promise for its potential clients. This includes the TorbedTM technology for carrying fast reactions at medium to high temperatures and the Tetra technology for production of high density solids, adoption of pretreatment and membrane technology for treating process effluents and brackish water, and innovations in solvent extraction technologies for recovering precious metals. The testing equipment for these technologies exists directly at its facility.
For further information, please call us at 905- 822-4941 ext. 257 (Savitha Ananth) or email us at info@processortech.com.
How to reach us
Situated in Mississauga, Ontario, the facility is within a 30 minute drive from the Toronto International Airport and is well connected with major highways for fast access.
If you are coming on Sheridan Park Drive:
At Erin Mills Parkway and Sheridan Park Drive intersection go west on Sheridan Park Drive.
Pass two stops signs. Go to the dead end of the road and turn left into the the last driveway on the road.
You can also look for, and follow the "2350 Sheridan Park Drive" signs.
The building will be on your right side.
Drive on, turn right and the entrance is at the middle of the building.
If you are coming on Speakman Drive:
On Speakman Drive, enter the driveway to Element building at 2395 Speakman Drive.  Turn right at the end of the road.  You will see the Pilot Plant building and the sign of "Process Research ORTECH Inc." on the building.  Entrance door is in the middle of the building with the parking lot at the front.

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